List of Accepted Students for the Academic Year of 2014/2015 (Qassim University)

The following is the list of accepted students to Qassim University for the academic year of 2014/2015:

Congratulations on your acceptance. May Allah make this opportunity a blessing for you and assist you on your path of seeking knowledge. You should begin the process of getting your visa from the Saudi embassy immediately. You should have received an email from the university by now stating your acceptance and the steps to follow to obtain your visa.

If you did not find your name on this list and were anticipating your acceptance, it is possible that you will be on another upcoming list to be posted by the university soon. If you applied after January 2014, then most likely your application will be considered for next year (academic year of 2015/2016).

Buraydah, Saudi Arabia
12th of Dhul Qaʿdah 1435